Fish4Cats launch new biscuit range with extra bite

Fish4Cats is launching its new and improved cat biscuit range – a complete food with extra bite.

Available in three flavours, the kibble is now produced in smaller, triangular-shaped pieces, which is not only easier for cats to enjoy but also helps remove plaque and tartar build-up from their teeth.

The new kibble comes hot on the heels of a PATS Telford award win for Fish4Cats, which scooped best new cat product for six ‘fishtastic’ additions to its Finest wet canned range.

Fish4Cats Finest dry food contains a staggering 65% fish and has one of the highest fish contents in the cat food market.

Its three varieties, Salmon, Mackerel and Sardine include additional natural ingredients such as algae, cranberries and sweet potato which provide nutritional benefits aligned to cat health.

Algae is a rich and sustainable source of omega three and helps improve and maintain skin, coat and joint health and also helps to sooth and hydrate cracked paws.

Cranberries support urinary tract health by reducing the strain on the cat’s kidneys and aiding in the removal of urinary bacteria. While sweet potato is an ideal source of fibre, encouraging the body to hold onto water and prevent constipation. It also helps to ease the passage of hairballs.

Fish4Cats Marketing Manager, Carly Baker said that the new improved dry complete food was proving to be quite the hit.

“We have put our new improved ‘Finest Complete’ to the test and it is clear to see that making our kibble smaller has improved its manageability. Cats are immediately drawn to it and seem to enjoy every mouthful,” she said.

The Finest Complete range is available in 400g and 1.5kg bags with a recommended retail price of £3.75 and £13.50.

For more information on the Fish4Cats range you can visit