Fish4Dogs help dog owners to count down to Santa Paws

The countdown to Christmas will soon be upon us and what better way to mark off the days to a visit from ‘Santa Paws’ than with festive goodies from Fish4Dogs.

Fish4Dogs has revealed a number of seasonal goodies to help get tails wagging this Christmas and help to get our furry friends involved in festive preparations.

The Fish4Dogs advent calendar features a Sheltie running through the snow and contains a fishy delight from the current range behind each of the 24 windows, including:

Squid bites – soft and chewy discs made from oven baked squid that are incredibly tasty.

Mackerel Morsels for coat, skin and joints – rich in Omega 3, these salmon and mackerel fish-shaped treats are easily digestible and support healthy, shiny coats and supple joints.

Sea Jerky Squares – made from 100% fish skins, these natural, low calorie crunchy treats help clean teeth and to control tartar.

The calendars are beautifully designed and individually film wrapped for freshness and have an RRP £7.50 per calendar.

The Fish4Dogs Christmas Cracker is an attractive and affordable gift styled on the popular tradition of a cracker which is pulled apart to reveal a gift (but without the bang to avoid upsetting our four-legged friends).

Inside the cracker is a 75g bag of Fish4Dogs brand new Salmon Cookies, which are made from Salmon, White Fish and Sweet Potato.

Graham Smith, Fish4Dogs chief executive, said: “Dogs are an important part of our families. It’s only right that we want to include them in our festivities but it’s important not to over-indulge our pets as we might do ourselves at this time of year.

“Many foods that we consume are too rich for dogs’ sensitive digestions, so we are urging owners to give their dogs a ‘Merry Fishmas’ and provide them with safe and healthy foods which they will love and enjoy.”

For more information about the Fish4Dogs festive products you can visit