Fish4Dogs launch two new tasty treats for canine companions

Fish4Dogs has launched two new tasty treats that are healthy and low in calories.

The two new treats, salmon cookies and redfish & lavender crunchers are grain-free, contain no artificial preservatives or colourings and are a great alternative treat for your pooch.

The tasty treats are the ideal, ‘guilt-free’ – too good to resist treat that can be given to your canine companions every day.

The salmon cookies contain 50% salmon, 39% whitefish and 7% sweet potato and a great daytime treat. The golden-brown discs are also slightly rough in texture – making them suitably abrasive for doggie dental health.

The redfish & lavender crunchers are made from responsibly sourced, delicious redfish, which is high in Omega -3, great for eyes, skin and bones. The lavender and chamomile ingredients are known for their calming effects and so, are perfect for a comforting evening nibble.

The new products, which are available from August, are presented in recyclable cartons, containing 75g of product, within a sealed sleeve. The salmon cookies have a recommended retail price of £3.75 and the red fish crunchers are priced at £4.00.

Jo Little, Head of Marketing at Fish4Dogs, said: “We love to treat our dogs but it’s important to feed them with the right things in order to keep them in tip-top condition and avoid diseases that can be brought about by pet obesity.

“At the same time, we want to give them something special to show them how much we love them, and our new products are the perfect solution. They are treats that grandma can. Give when she’s looking after them without fear that they will return looking a little heavier.”

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