Fish4Dogs to sponsor canine behaviour conference

Understanding your dog’s feelings can make training an intuitive process and reinforce the bond between you.

This premise is examined at the annual conference of the Canine Behaviour and Training Society (TCBTS), which is being sponsored by Fish4Dogs next month.

The event, which is being held on Sunday 7 October, will feature a number of speakers, including veterinary specialist Dr Laura Gill Martens, from Fish4Dogs and the company’s Head of Marketing, Jo Little.

At the event, speaking will talk about how fish – well known for its properties as ‘brain food’ – can assist cognitive development and underpin not only positive reinforcement within training but provide essential neurobiological building blocks that can affect emotions and behaviours.

Guest speaker, Sian Ryan will be exploring animal emotions based on the work of Jaak Panksepp looking at emotions, motivations and the development of behaviour. Her talk will be illustrated with case studies and video examples of problem behaviours, including aggressive behaviour with a variety of underlying emotions and motivations, and the strategies used to effect change.

Head of Marketing at Fish4Dogs, Jo Little, said: “We are delighted to support The Canine Behaviour and Training Society in extending opportunities for education and awareness. The theme of this year’s conference will provide a thought-provoking and fascinating insight into how we can raise happy healthy dogs and for us to understand the emotions which develop beyond a dogs basic needs and allow us to form the dynamic partnerships that exist between humans and dogs.”

TCBTS member, Joanne Owen, said: “We are pleased to once again enjoy the sponsorship of Fish4Dogs for our annual conference, we are very much on the ‘same page’ in our approaches to enhancing welfare and enriching the lives of our dogs.”

The conference which is aimed at behaviourists, trainers, and dog owners, takes place at the Hilton Hotel, Paradise Way, Coventry.

If you would like to attend the event, tickets are available here.