Five activities to have fun with your dog during the lockdown and beyond

As we spend more time with our furry friends this lockdown, it can be difficult to keep them entertained and think of new things to do with them, besides wintry walks.

But just like humans, dogs get bored too and it’s important to keep them occupied.

Dog-holiday specialists, Canine Cottages have shared five fun ways to keep your furry friends entertained during lockdown and beyond.

1 Hide and seek

A great way to entertain a dog home alone is to wear them out with some mental stimulation. Hide and seek can be great fun for dogs with a keen sense of smell. Use strong-smelling treats, hide them around the house, and see if your pup can sniff them out. Cocktail sausages chopped up can be a great incentive.

2 Dog obstacle course

An indoor obstacle course is a great game to play with your dog inside. Not everyone will have room to pull this off, but you could lay out a series of obstacles like piles of books or shoes for your dog to navigate around – ideal for smaller dogs in the house!

3 Brain games for dogs

Create a brainteaser or find dog puzzle toys for your faithful friend. There are lots of crafty dog teasers out there you could try making at home – try creating a rope toy from an old T-shirt, or have a go at this tennis ball teaser. You could also pick up a great interactive toy like a lick mat or a Kong.

4 Doggy day spa

Not all dogs are bursting with energy; some dogs just want to spend time with you. If that’s the case, then a doggy day spa at home might be the ideal way to treat your dog without having to run around in circles with them. A light massage, a brush down and a warm bath is always a wonderful way to relax.

5 Doddy cuddles

Last but definitely not least, spending time with your dog, whether you’re racing around the house or snuggling up on the sofa, is ideal for strengthening your bond and building trust with your canine companion.

Commenting on the research, Shannon Keary, Campaigns Manager at Canine Cottages, says: “One great thing about lockdown is the amount of time it allows us to spend with our dogs – they sure will love the extra time they can spend their humans! It’s really important to make time to play with our pooches and show them attention every day, and these activities should hopefully keep our furry friends entertained during the lockdown, and when we start to return to work and ‘normal’ life too.”

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