Former podgy pooch crowned UK’s biggest weight loser

A formerly obese Bichon Frise has shed the pounds to be crowned the biggest weight loser at a national pet slimming competition.

Archie was entered into the Royal Canin Healthy Weight Competition by Anna Wright, head veterinary nurse at Mimram Veterinary Centre in Welwyn, Hertfordshire. 

The 11-year old pooch had been a familiar face at the slimming clinics run by the practice to support owners with overweight pets.

Archie was once a podgy pooch who struggled with longer walks and following a full weight management consultation he was put on a new diet and weight management programme.

Archie who lives with the Woolridge family in Mill Hill, north London, has shed more than a third of his body weight since starting the clinics. He was originally 12.5kg, but now tips the scales at 8kg.

His significant weight loss put him in the final six for the competition and he was revealed as a winner at the event in Coventry.

Anna Wright said: “His owners were unaware just quite how overweight Archie was, as it was never raised by their previous vets. Archie’s mobility and energy have been visibly improved. He has taken a liking to raw carrots as a treat and bangs his food bowl with his paw when he wants to be fed one. He goes on longer walks, even walking five miles one weekend, something he had never managed before.”

Owner Jordan Woolridge said: “He always used to eat everything, but we didn’t really realise that what we were feeding him was far too much. Archie is now much healthier and happier and carrying a lot less weight. We portion out his food and don’t give him rich treats like before, just the occasional carrot stick.

“He has so much more energy and is always making us run after him on walks, so it is like having a puppy again.”

Archie was one of two finalists from Mimram Vets, along with Coco, a six-year-old chocolate Labrador from Langley Hertfordshire.