French Bulldog found suffering with multiple problems

London-based charity Mayhew are asking people to think carefully before owning certain breeds of dog due to the commitment and care they require.

The charity saw an influx of seven French Bulldogs come into their care in the space of one month all handed in separately. Each of the seven dogs needed treatment for varying degrees of health problems often associated with brachycephalic pets.

In the last few years there has been a huge surge of popularity of brachycephalic pets such as pugs and bulldogs with the French Bulldog recently being named as the UK’s most popular breed of dog.

Unfortunately, French Bulldogs are one of the many brachycephalic pets, who are bred to have a flat face, that can end up abandoned due to ill health or no longer wanted.

While six of the dogs taken in by Mayhew needed treatment there was one that was in a particularly bad state suffering from multiple problems, including an inverted tail.

Five-year old Elsa’s screw tail had grown inside her body and the resulting tail pocket was continuously getting yeast and bacterial infections.

Due to her bulging eyes, a common trait in flat-faced breeds, Elsa’s eyes were constantly watering because they are exposed to more air and dry quicker. Her ears were also plagued by bad cases of yeast and bacterial infections.

Mayhew’s Dog Adoption Officer, Lisa Guiney, said: “Most of these dogs will require ongoing medical treatment throughout their lives, such as cleaning the teeth and skin folds every day, weekly medicated baths and regular cleaning. All of which can be costly, a lot of effort and very time consuming.

“Please think carefully whether you will be able to care for a brachycephalic pet before getting one, both financially and timewise. Getting a pet is always a big responsibility but these breeds need extra care and you must be full prepared.”

As soon as Elsa received the medical attention she needed, she was ready for adoption and soon found her forever home.