From pup to old age pup (OAP) – Agria recognises heroic dogs nearing retirement

Agria Pet Insurance has announced the launch of its Pup to Old Age Pup (OAP) campaign, which celebrates dogs at all stages of their lives and recognises that our animal friends should be cared for and protected throughout their lifetime.

Launched at Crufts, the campaign will see the pet insurance specialists shine a light on the older dogs that have been instrumental in the lives of others. Introducing a competition to find the most heroic service dogs nearing retirement, Agria has invited assistance dog charities and organisations to nominate dogs that are the ultimate hero and have made a real impact.

In addition to showcasing those dogs nearing retirement, the competition is also seeking superstar pups that are set to be the most promising graduates, celebrating the next generation of service dogs.

Voted for by the public, via Agria’s social channels, the competition aims to generate awareness of the outstanding contribution that service dog charities and organisations make to society.

The partner organisations that take part will receive a donation of £1,000, whilst the winner of ‘most heroic dog’ and ‘most promising graduate’, will each receive a donation of £2,500 for its charity or organisation. 

Tom Vaughan, Head of Marketing at Agria Pet Insurance, said: “We’re so proud to support some incredible assistance dog charities. The passion and commitment shown by those that are involved in these organisations is phenomenal, as is the skill and devotion shown by the assistance dogs. That’s why we wanted to celebrate the role that these superstar dogs play in the daily lives of those around them, from pup to OAP.

“Lifetime pet insurance is important for all of our furry friends, and we have first-hand experience of how crucial it can be for the service dogs that many of our customers rely upon to support their day-to-day lives. At Agria Pet Insurance, we’re committed to our lifetime of love guarantee. We’re with pet parents for life, not just in their younger years.”

Garry Botterill, Founder and Operations Director at Service Dogs UK, added:“We founded Service Dogs UK back in 2016, with the intention of supporting military and 999 Veterans who suffer with PTSD. Having previously served in the military and Police myself, I’ve seen first-hand the impact that it can have on colleagues, and I wanted to find a way in which I could help them.

“Support from partners is so important in allowing us to provide assistance dogs for the Veterans in need. Agria’s competition helps us to celebrate the great work that our heroic dogs do in supporting the lives of our those injured in service and gives them the recognition they deserve. They really can be life-changing!”

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