Giant puppy searching for a home

RSPCA Bath Cats and Dogs Home is appealing for a loving new home for gentle giant Odin.

The Eleven-month old St Bernard weighs more than 62kh – the same as a cougar- and stands at 1m tall, towing over his friends.

Despite his size and stature, he’s a very shy boy who can be nervous around new people and find men particularly scary.

Bath Cats and Dogs Home chief executive Rachel Jones said: “Odin is a beautiful, big boy, but he finds new people quite frightening and needs new owners who can help him grow in confidence and give him time to settle.

“Once he gets to know you, he’s a real gentle giant. He is very affectionate and loves nothing more than a cuddle on the sofa – he seems to think he’s a lap dog. He can be a little nervous, especially around new men, and he’ll need experienced owners who can give him time and space to settle and help him as he grows up.”

Staff recommend that Odin goes to a new home without any young children and without other pets.

Rachel added: “Despite being named after the God of wisdom, Odin has a lot to learn. He’d benefit from further training as he needs more experience of walking on the lead and careful socialising with other dogs.

“Sometimes I swear he thinks he’s a chihuahua and just doesn’t realise his size. He’s very playful but can be quite clumsy. He needs a home and garden that is big enough for him and where he’ll have plenty of space to play and owners who have lots of time to give him.”

Staff who know Odin think he’d be best suited to a home away from other dogs where he can initially enjoy walks in quiet places.

“Many people might understandably have a preconceived idea of what a rescue dog looks like, but wonderful Odin proves that rescue dogs really do come in all shapes and sizes,” adds Rachel.  “It’s all about finding the perfect pooch for your particular circumstances.”

Find out more about Odin online or you can contact Bath Cats and Dogs home on 01225 787321.