Happy ending for newborn kittens dumped two days before Christmas

Eight kittens found dumped in an alleyway in Oldham will be spending this Christmas in a loving home after being rescued by the RSPCA.

The RSPCA was called to rescue two adult cats and eight kittens who were found in a cardboard box in Oldham just two days before Christmas in 2018.

Thankfully Christmas will be very different for the kittens this year as they will be spending it surrounded by a loving family in. warm home.

Kate Houghton was chatting with a volunteers from the RSPCA Altrincham branch when she found out about the kittens who had been raised in foster care.

In a twist of fate, she finalised the adoption of two of the kittens – Willow and Bebe – on March 30 – Mother’s Day.

Kate who lives with her family in Knutsford, said: “When I found out about the kittens back story, I was shocked – who would leave a box of defenceless animals where they may never be found? I’m so grateful to the RSPCA and the foster carer who took the cats in and hand reared them, feeding them every few hours over Christmas.

“It’s lovely to have even a small part to play in their recovery and I’m looking forward to giving them the Christmas they deserve this year. Both girls have embedded themselves into our family with ease.

“Willow is very cuddly and will throw herself at your feet and race across the room the moment she sees you sit. Bebe is a little more restrained, coming for cuddles at her own choosing – but when she does choose, she is very insistent that it be here and now.”

Willow and Bebe’s sibling, Thistle was also adopted into a loving home by Celia Baxendale. Celia who also lives in Knutsford said: “We adopted Thistle in March, he was the last we really wanted another cat in the house and Thistle has just slotted right in.

“He is fearless; he marches around the place and likes to be cuddled on his own terms, he is a champion hunter too and can catch flies and bees in his mouth. In the morning he will come and give you what I call Thistle kisses, where he sticks his face in your face, he is very loving in his own way.

“He’s a real bundle of energy and such a character. I can’t believe he had such a difficult start in life. It’s so sad to think of him being left alone in the cold but this year we will be making up for that by making sure he is spoilt rotten over Christmas.”

RSPCA inspector Lorna Campbell collected the kittens along with six of their siblings and two adult cats on Swinton Street on December 23.

Lorna said: “I’ll never forget finding these tiny kittens – they still had their umbilical cords attached so were just hours old. They were hidden in a secluded alleyway where they could never have been found had we not received an anonymous call.

“Although this was incredibly sad, I am so glad that this year they are getting the magical Christmas in a loving home that all animals deserve.”