Heart-warming transformation of rescue dog

A dog who was almost completely bald when she arrived in RSPCA care is now the picture of health just a year later.

When Angel arrived at the RSPCA’s Durham & District branch in July 2019, she was barely recognisable as a dog.

RSPCA inspector Rowenan Proctor, who rescued her from Newcastle, said: “She was such a mess. She was almost completely bald except for some tufts of fur around her head and ears and a strip along her spine – the only parts of her body she hadn’t been able to reach to properly scratch.

“She was in such an awful state and was so uncomfortable and in so much pain. When I first picked her up she could barely stand and seemed lifeless. I actually thought she might die before I even got her to the vet; we really weren’t sure if she was going to make it. Thankfully she did – and her transformation has been absolutely amazing to see.”

Angel had a nasty case of mange that had been left untreated. The irritation it had caused her skin meant she’d scratched and scratched until she was almost completely bald.

While Angel recovered and received treatment for serious mange, she was fostered by the branch dog rehoming coordinator, Pauline Bartlett, in Willington, County Durham. It didn’t take long for Pauline to fall in love and adopt Angel.

Pauline – who has volunteered for the branch for more than 20 years – said: “She looked like a little skinned chicken when she arrived. She looked so pitiful in the kennel. I knew I couldn’t leave her there, so she came home with me as a foster – but of course she never left!”

Angel, 14, is deaf and has been left with limited sight due to untreated eye issues. She also suffers from a heart murmur but that hasn’t stopped her from settling in with Pauline where she is now loving life.

And she has completely transformed, she now looks like a new dog!

“Her coat has grown back beautifully – I’ve even had to have her groomed four or five times in the last year!” Pauline added.

“She is a sweet little dog that didn’t deserve any of this. But she’s happy now – and she’ll live out her life with me.”

Rowena said: “I barely recognise Angel now from that dog I rescued over a year ago. She has truly found her wings with Pauline, and she’s thriving. It’s just wonderful to see.”