Hill’s Pet Nutrition introduces stews to Prescription Diet range

Hill’s Pet Nutrition has introduced a selection of tasty stews to its existing Prescription Diet range.

The new range, recommended by vets is designed to help alleviate and manage specific health conditions, including urinary, kidney, digestive, skin, mobility and weight concerns.

The new range works like a prescription diet and tastes like stew, available in chicken, tuna, and containing real vegetables and rice to provide additional nutrients that pets need.

The irresistible taste ensures pets come back for more while the rich aroma stimulates their appetite, drawing them to the bowl.

Hill’s believe that proper nutrition has the power to help support health and wellbeing, which is why the latest scientific research and clinical expertise is used to develop foods that address a range of health issues.

Prescription Diet Stews offer great benefits across the range including:

Urinary care – clinically proven to help dissolve struvite uroliths in pets

Derm Defense – supports skin health and protects the skin barrier from environmental allergens

Digestive care – for the nutritional management of pets with gastrointestinal disorders and pets in recovery

Metabolic – metabolic is a breakthrough weight management diet for pets that is clinically proven to safely support weight loss and maintenance

Kidney care – clinically proven to support a longer and better quality of life in pets with kidney conditions.

For more information, benefits and the full product range, you can visit www.hillspet.co.uk/prescription-diet/stew