Hill’s Pet Nutrition launches weight & active mobility pet food

Hill’s Pet Nutrition has announced the launch of its breakthrough Weight Management & Active Mobility pet food – a nutritional solution that is clinically proven to help dogs reach & maintain ​a healthy weight, with additional mobility support.  

With half of pets reported to be overweight across the globe, and the excessive load obesity places on dog’s joints known to increase wear and tear, the new product has been developed to help tackle the obesity problem while simultaneously improving joint health and quality of life in dogs.

Hill’s Science Plan Perfect Weight & Active Mobility is formulated with optimal levels of key nutrients to ensure nutritious and effective weight loss alongside clinically proven omega-3 rich fish oil ​to support joint mobility.​ Moreover, the product contains glucosamine and chondroitin, building blocks of joint cartilage, as well as antioxidants and vitamins to help reduce inflammation and support the immune system. 

The new range includes four SKUs to cater for small and mini, medium, and large dogs, and provides complete and balanced nutrition, formulated with decades of cutting-edge research to be a great-tasting meal. Furthermore, with its use of nutrigenomics technology, Hill’s has identified ingredients to help change overweight pets’ gene expression, naturally activating the metabolism to burn excess body fat.   

Hillary Noyes, Hill’s Veterinary Affairs Manager, UK & Republic of Ireland: “Being a pet parent to a dog with mobility and weight challenges can be upsetting and stressful. At least 50% of pets in the UK are currently clinically overweight or obese, and this hasn’t been helped by periods of lockdown when exercise was often limited and bad food habits may have crept in. 

“Excessive weight can increase a dog’s chances of developing mobility issues which can have a hugely detrimental effect on the animal’s health and quality of life. Our new Science Plan Perfect Weight & Active Mobility is the perfect solution for those who want to help their best friend maintain a healthy weight and support joints at the same time. We’re really excited that we’re able to introduce this dual product to the market that will benefit dogs and dog owners everywhere.” 

Hill’s Science Plan Perfect Weight & Active Mobility is currently widely available online in retailers such as Pets at Home, Animed and Viovet.

For more information visit https://www.hillspet.co.uk/dog-food/sp-canine-adult-perfect-weight-and-active-mobility-medium-chicken-dry