Himalayan cheese treats for dogs causing positive commotion

Whilst Pawfect Foods spring launch in Europe in September at PATS Telford has been well received, it’s the Himalayan Cheese treats that’s causing the most positive commotion.

As we know calcium rich-milk in its raw form is almost impossible for any dog to enjoy, however turn it into a long-lasting and rugged Himalayan cheese stick and you have a high protein, chewy treat that will occupy your pet for what seems like an eternity whilst providing some welcome dental relief.

Turn the clock back a century and this was actually a revered long-lasting snack for the Himalayan human community, however today it’s dogs who are the biggest beneficiary of an all-natural chew made at altitude (some 15,000+ feet) by seasoned Churpi makers using milk from hormone-free herds (yaks and cows) raised in pristine, chemical-free pastures.

This is an unrushed treat made the old-fashioned way, free from overt mechanisation and fast-moving conveyor belts, a cheese-themed treat that has permission to lie in the sun for 35 days before being given a sumptuous smoky twang thanks to being smoke dried in some weather-worn sheds.

Historically Himalayan chew sticks were an issue for younger and older dogs with less bite, which is exactly where the new Himalayan Cheese Puffs come in which now means that irrespective of your dog’s breed, age or size there’s a dairy-themed treat to be enjoyed.

From September, Pawfect’s Himalayan Cheese treats will be available in: Puff Bites, Puff Bars, Puff Strips (depending on dog’s size and age) And small/medium bars.

For more information you can visit www.pawfectfoods.co.uk