Homeless cats looking for love after losing their owners

RSPCA Canterbury is looking for new homes for three cats who became homeless after their owners passed away.

Lizi, a six-year old tortoishell and white cat came into the care of RSPCA Canterbury branch on December 15 after her owner sadly died. She didn’t cope well in the cattery so is now in a foster home which is a bit quieter for her.


Toby is a six-year old tabby and white male whose owner died just a few days before Christmas. He had been rescued by his owner after being in a poor state and was cared for by her for the last four years.

Robin (pictured above) is a black and white four-year old cat who arrived in RSPCA care on 11 October after his owner sadly passed away.

Tara Luxford, Deputy Manager at RSPCA Canterbury said:” Sadly, it is quite common to have cats come into our care after their owners have passed away. It can be quite a shock for them to go from a loving home to a cattery environment and they often find it quite stressful.

“We see a lot of neglect and cruelty in our line of work but sometimes it can be just as sad when no one is to blame or at fault, as is the case with these lovely cats.”

Each of the cats is looking for a home separately and all three require adult-only homes. They will also need access to a large garden and space to spend time away from their human companions if needed.

They are quite independent so although they will enjoy spending time with you, any new owner will need to understand that it will be on their own terms.

If you think you can give Lizi, Toby or Robin a loving home you can contact the RSPCA Canterbury and Dover District branch on 01227 719113.

The RSPCA offers its Home for Life scheme which pledges to care for pets if their owners pass away until a perfect new home can be found for them.