Homeless hound Spooky looking for a new home this Halloween

Staff at Dogs Trust Merseyside are getting into the spirit of Halloween this year and hoping to conjure up a new home for a Greyhound called Spooky.

The 18-month old ex-racing Greyhound arrived at the Huyton-based rehoming centre earlier this month and has made lots of friends, both two and four-legged.

The team at the rehoming centre are hoping it won’t be too long until the youngster heads home with his very own special someone.

Georgina Lowery, manager at Dogs Trust Merseyside, said: “He might ve Spooky by name, but he certainly isn’t spooky in any way. He is simply gorgeous. He loves being with people and other dogs and although at the moment he isn’t too sure how to play with toys, we’re sure he’ll soon have a trick or two up his sleeve to share with his new owners in exchange for a tasty treat.

“People often think that Greyhounds need lots of exercise but that isn’t always the case and like most Grehounds, Spooky loves a sprint but is equally happy having a snooze.”

The team say Spooky would benefit from living with a canine companion in his new home and as an ex-racer, it may take him a little while to settle in to home life, but they are confident he’ll soon find his place on the sofa. He can live with children over the age of twelve.

Georgina adds: “Spooky has definitely left his racing days far behind him and on Halloween we hope he’s dreaming of all things nice that will be waiting for him in his new home.”

If you think that you could give Spooky the loving home he deserves, you can call the rehoming centre on 0300 303 0292 or visit www.dogstrust.org.uk.