How to enjoy days out at the beach with your dog

PDSA vets share a simple guide to protecting your pooch at the seaside this summer.

With summer now in full swing, it’s more tempting than ever to take your furry friend for a day out at the beach. However, although the seaside has all the ingredients for an exciting adventure with your pooch, it’s essential that you are well prepared so that you can enjoy everything that the beach has to offer.

PDSA Vet Nurse Nina Downing said: “When going on any excursion with your pets, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead so you can enjoy your day out without any hiccups! Although it may sound like a world of fun, there are a few key things to be aware of to keep your pup safe at the seaside.

Are dogs allowed?

“To avoid disappointment and a wasted journey, it’s important that you check dogs are welcome on the beach. Check online before you leave home, as some beaches may only be open to dogs at certain times of the year, or access to the beach maybe limited to certain times of the day. So that everyone can continue visiting beaches with their dogs, it’s important to always clean up after your pooch, just like you would on any other dog walks. Burying their poop is not the answer; although there may be many wonders buried beneath the sand, no one wants to find a hidden treasure that your dog has left behind!

Sea swimming

“Whether front crawl or doggy paddle is your pup’s stroke of choice, even the strongest of swimmers need someone keeping an eye out for them in the sea. Swimming is great exercise and can help them to cool down on a hot day, but the sea can be an unpredictable environment, with strong currents and undertows. Check if there is a lifeguard on duty and look out for any warning flags – don’t let your pup swim if the sea looks rough or is too cold. Make sure your pooch stays well hydrated with fresh water so they are not tempted to drink the seawater and if they do get into trouble, don’t go into the water to help them, call 999 and ask for the coastguard instead.

Beach hazards

 “In order to avoid a poorly pup on your fun day out, there are a few beach hazards to be aware of. Sometimes broken glass and sharp objects can be hidden under the sand or between pebbles, so ensure you carry a pet first-aid-kit with essentials like bandages and sterile saline wash to treat any cut paws. Ensure you take ample snacks with you too, so that if your pup gets peckish then they aren’t tempted to eat things off the beach.

 Coastal wildlife

 “The British seaside is home to all sorts of wildlife, many of which your pup may have never seen before. It’s important that you know how to keep your pooch safe around these animals and avoid paws wandering where they may not be welcome. If you’re in an area home to seals, make sure you keep your furry friend on a lead, especially if there are seal pups around. Jellyfish, whether dead or alive, can give a nasty sting to both humans and dogs, so check the water before swimming and don’t let your furry friend near any that may have washed up on shore.