How to keep your pooch healthy and hydrated this year

The New Year brings a fresh start and a chance to set resolutions for the year ahead – and just like us humans, our Furr Babies can also benefit from embarking on some new healthy habits.

Because of course, all pup parents know that their health is just as important as our own!

Here Louise Toal, the founder of healthy dog drinks brand Furr Boost, shares some tops tips and simple switches to help your pooch feel healthier and happier in 2022.

Make getting fit fun

We all know that regular walks are essential for any dog’s health, but it is easy to slip into the habit of only taking your pooch on a quick walk around the same block. Try not to follow the same walk every day, as this can quickly lead to boredom. Instead, keep things interesting by heading to new locations or taking a different route to make sure there’s always something new to sniff! Don’t forget to bring plenty of toys so that you can play fetch along the way for some extra fun.

If your New Year’s resolution is to get fit too, you could even take your pooch out for a run or cycle with you! If you don’t feel up to such a strenuous activity, simply adding an extra ten or fifteen minutes onto your walk can have a huge impact.

Of course, if your dog is exercising more, it’s essential to ensure they are getting enough healthy protein and fat in their diets, as this is essential for any carnivorous species to thrive. Many standard dog food recipes are high in carbohydrates but low in protein, so your furry friend can pile on the pounds easily despite lengthy walks.

Protein is essential for providing amino acids for your dog, which help build healthy muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. After water, one of the main ingredients in all three flavours of Furr Boost is human-grade, high-quality meat, so you can rest assured that Furr Boost is contributing to your pooch’s protein intake whilst keeping calories low, helping them build strong, sleek muscle mass.

Top up hydration levels

Ensuring your pooch is well-hydrated is essential to their overall health and wellbeing since their bodies are 80% water, the same as a human’s body! Every function in your dog’s body needs enough water to work properly, and severe dehydration can lead to illness, organ damage, and even death.

There are lots of ways to top up your dog’s daily water intake, like keeping water bowls in every room, incorporating more wet food into their diet, and even trying different types of water bowls to encourage them to drink more. But one of the easiest ways to get your dog drinking more is even simpler – just add flavour!

A favourite among even the fussiest of our four-legged friends, Furr Boost is available in three delicious doggy flavours – beef, broccoli and blueberry; chicken, butternut squash and cranberry; and pork, sweet potato and apple.

As well as the all-impawtent main ingredients, each flavour also contains a host of natural added vitamins and minerals to aid healthy digestion, including chicory root extract which acts as a prebiotic, yeast beta glucan to support the immune system, vitamin B for a healthy metabolism and immune system, and vitamin C as an antioxidant.

Pamper your pooch

You can’t beat a bit of self-care, and your pooch will love a pamper just as much as you do! Establishing a good grooming regime will make sure they stay looking (and smelling!) fresh and can help them avoid a host of health problems too. Neglecting grooming can cause issues like ear infections, uncomfortably long nails, and not to mention that dreaded doggy pong!

A shiny coat and hydrated skin not only mean that your Furr Baby looks picture-perfect but is also vital for keeping viruses and bacteria at bay, protecting dogs’ internal organs, maintaining a standard body temperature and helping wounds heal quickly – not to mention improving dry and flaky skin.

Ensure you have a gentle dog shampoo and a variety of brushes at home for regular baths, and schedule nail and coat trims at your local groomers as often as required. This will depend on your dog’s breed, of course, but once a month is usually recommended for breeds with long or curly coats.  

Each flavour of Furr Boost is packed full of added natural oils from ingredients like salmon and coconut, plus flaxseed and dried sea kelp to keep skin hydrated and coats glossy, so they’ll look as healthy as they feel.

Don’t forget dental hygiene! Lack of good hygiene is the main cause of many oral diseases in dogs, so be sure you invest in a pet-friendly toothpaste or opt for a veterinary-approved dental chew if your dog won’t tolerate a toothbrush.

Whether your resolution is to help your pooch get fitter, drink more fluids, or look their best, Furr Boost offers a tasty treat that tops up their hydration and offers a whole host of additional health benefits.

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