IAMS survey reveals pets are number one source of happiness for Brits

A new survey has revealed that almost 3 in 4 pet owners wouldn’t give up their pet for love nor money.

The survey conducted by IAMS, showed that 69% of pet owners have revealed they would not give up their pet, even if it meant they could win the lottery, own their own home or even meet their celebrity crush.

Pets are the number one source of happiness according to one third of owners, who believe their four-legged friends provide more comfort than being in a relationship, having a good work life balance and a solid social circle.

The study also revealed that 66% of owners will spend more time with their pet than those they live with, while over a third (37%) will talk to them more than their friends and family.

What’s more, 45% even confide in their pets with their deepest secrets.

Each year owners will spend on average £495 on activities and gifts for their pet, with cat parents spending the most as almost half (46%) treat their kitty to presents, according to the survey.

Kellie Ceccarelli, IAMS Veterinary Manager, said: “Gifts and presents are not the only way to pamper our pets when it comes to showing them how much we appreciate their friendship. Nutrition, as it is for us, is a hugely important part of their lives and through a complete and balanced meal, we can support the key signs of vitality and give them the energy they need to let the personalities we love shine through.”

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