Inseparable doggy duo seeking ‘pawfect’ new home

Dogs Trust Ilfracombe is looking for a home for a devoted doggy due, who were found wandering the streets as strays.

Two-year old Terriers, Bobbie and Billy were taken into the rehoming centre earlier this month and they are totally devoted to one another.

Staff say that they are looking for an owner who can offer double the love and give this devoted duo, who they believe are brothers, a forever home.

The two dogs do everything together and staff say they are both shy boys so would appreciate a quiet, adult-only home where they can grow in confidence and spend the rest of their lives together.

Elise Watson, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Ilfracombe, said: “Bobby and Billy are absolute sweethearts and adore each other so we’re looking to rehome them together. They are very attached and will happily spend endless hours with each other going for walks, exploring and sleeping together.

“Taking on a doggy duo can be extremely rewarding – whilst it’s double the responsibility, you’ll also find that it’s double the love, and you’ll certainly get that from these two. Bobby and Billy are very attached and whilst they are timid boys, they do come out of their shell with patience and some tasty food to win them round. Billy loves his soft toys and happily carries one around to show you. Once they’ve gained their confidence, they are likely to be loving and loyal companions.”

Staff at the rehoming centre say that both dogs will need owners who are around for most of the day, initially to help them settle in and find their paws in their new home.

If you think that you have the space in your heart and your home for Bobby and Billy, you can contact Dogs Trust Ilfracombe on 0300 303 0292 or visit the Rehoming Centre at Hazledene, West Down, Ilfracome, EX34 8NU.