International Podcast Day: Pets at Home podcasts for new pet owners

Getting a new puppy or kitten is an incredibly exciting time but also doesn’t come without its challenges, and new pet owners need all of the support and guidance they can get.

As the UK’s leading pet care business, Pets at Home is committed to helping pet owners at every stage of their journey. As part of that, it has launched two podcasts for those welcoming a new puppy or kitten into their home for the first time, designed to provide trustworthy, practical and useful advice from its team of pet care specialists, as well as product recommendations.

Ahead of International Podcast Day (30th September), Pets at Home is encouraging people with a new puppy or kitten to tune into its specialist podcasts, as well as share with family and friends who may have welcomed a new addition to their family.

The Pets at Home Puppy Podcast and Pets at Home Kitten Podcast are both available to listen to now on the Pets at Home website, or via Spotify, Amazon, Google and Apple Podcasts.

Pets at Home Puppy Podcast

With more than 17 episodes to choose from so far, the award-winning Pets at Home Puppy Podcast covers all kinds of topics that new puppy owners need to know, from sleep training and socialising, to nutrition tips, advice for grooming and dental care, and managing the first trip to the vet.

The podcast includes a variety of different experts from Pets at Home’s pet care team, including Dr Samantha Butler-Davies, Veterinary Clinical Services Manager for Vets4Pets; Claire Gavin, Director of Innovation at Pets at Home Group; and Shona Timperley, Grooming Development and Expertise Trainer at Pets at Home Group.

 Listen here and via Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Pets at Home Kitten Podcast

 Launched in summer 2021 with a new episode released every fortnight, the Pets at Home Kitten Podcast helps new pet owners to welcome their feline friend safely and happily into their new home. With expert advice from the Pets at Home pet care specialists, the podcast spans a range of topics from preparing for your kitten’s first day with you, to guidance on nutrition and protecting against those pesky parasites.

Listen here and via Spotify and Apple Podcasts.