Johnson’s advise pet owners how to remove ticks successfully

Ticks are external parasites which live off the blood of mammals and have become an increasing problem for dogs and cats and their owners.

Ticks can vary in size and are carriers of various diseases, which can be transmitted, not only to pets but also to their owners can cause irritation, fever, lethargy and more serious problems such as Lyme Disease.

Johnson’s Veterinary Products are raising awareness to the importance of checking and treating pets for ticks, offering advice on how to successfully remove them.

A spokesperson from Johnson’s said: “Ticks can be very difficult to remove safely and are especially troublesome to dog and cat owners living near or exercising near their pets in the countryside or parks, particularly tick infested areas, such as woodlands and moorlands throughout the UK.”

To help pet owners remove ticks safely, Johnson’s tick remove is suitable for use with dogs, cats, horses and other animals.

The easy to clean plastic remover has two sizes of hooked twisters, one at each end, the appropriate size of hook to be used depending on the size of the tick. The hook is inserted under the tick from the side and two or three rotations of the twister removes the tick quickly, easily and completely, so that no part of the tick is left under the pet’s skin, which could cause infection.

Johnson’s added: “It is important to remove ticks as soon as possible. Check daily for infestation after exercise in long grass, wooded or moorland areas, and then remove any ticks which have attached themselves, which is easily done with a Johnson’s Tick Remover.”

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