Johnson’s unveil new tick & flea collar for dogs

With reports of ticks becoming an increasing problem for pets and their owners, Johnson’s have introduced a Tick and Flea Collar for Dogs to their popular range.

Ticks are external parasites which live off the blood of mammals and vary in size from a pin head to a finger nail, depending on how recently hey have sucked blood and become engorged.

They are oval in shape, pale cream or dark grey or brown and look like a small rounded pebble and are carriers of various diseases, which can be transmitted not only to pets, but also their owners, especially serious problems, such as Lyme Disease.

It is not possible to prevent ticks initially attaching themselves to pets particularly in tick infested areas such as woodlands and moorland but wearing a Johnson’s Water-Resistant Tick Collar will then kill ticks, and fleas and help to prevent a further infestation for up to four months.

However, it may take several days to be fully effective while the active ingredient spreads throughout the entire count.

Experts at Johnson’s Veterinary Products Limited therefore advise to check pets daily for infestation after exercise, and it is also advisable to remove any new ticks that may have attached themselves.

This is easily and successfully achieved with the twisting action of a Johnson’s Tick Remover, ensuring that the whole of the Tick is properly and safely removed for disposal in household waste.

Johnson’s full range is available exclusively to pet stores, pet superstores and garden centres. For more further details and more information, you can visit