Johnson’s Veterinary announce new size of award winning range

Johnson’s Veterinary Products Ltd have added to their award winning 4fleas range for dogs and cats with the introduction of an additional size of their Action 4fleas Spot-on solution for dogs.

The new size aims to meet the demand from retailers and their customers in view of the growing popularity of very small dogs. It is suitable for very small dogs of less than 4kg body weight, as well as puppies over 8 weeks of age.

4fleas fast acting dual action spot-on solution, kills fleas & biting lice on contact, kills 98- 100% of fleas within one day following treatment and kills larvae following contact with a treated pet, in areas around their bedding and resting areas.

All sizes of Dual Action 4fleas Spot-on contain two treatments, which each give 4 weeks protection, providing effective flea control for up to eight weeks.

Johnson’s full range is available exclusively in pet stores, pet superstores, garden centres and from all major wholesalers. For more information visit