Kavee create free resources for guinea pig owners

Guinea pig supplies brand, Kavee has created free resources to equip guinea pig owners with the best knowledge.

Kavee’s commitment to the welfare of pet guinea pigs is at the core of what they do and the brand has released a free 25-page care package.

The printable care sheets are beautifully illustrated with watercolour and packed with information. The care sheets also include fillable templates to keep track of your own guinea pigs’ information.

Suitable for beginners or experienced owners, adults and kids wanting to know all the essential information and keeping track of the important things.

The 25-page comprehensive care sheet package includes many essentials such as:

  • 3 Food Lists: Veg, Fruit, Unsafe food lists
  • *Unique* Personality mapping tool with two examples
  • Starter checklist: all you need to get for your guinea pigs
  • Daily feeding guide, routine tasks and other tasks
  • Typical weight charts for female and male guinea pigs
  • First symptoms of illnesses.

You can download the free care sheets here.