Kibble amnesty held by pet food company

Dog lovers have been given the opportunity to exchange unhealthy dried pet food for a much healthier alternative at a kibble amnesty event.

Online retailer recently invited dog owners to hand in bags of unhealthy dog food in return for delicious, human-grade canine cruise.

The kibble amnesty saw local dogs queuing out of the door to renounce por quality, highly processed biscuit feed and getting their paws on a healthier replacement, without any cost to their owners.

To replace the well-known brands being relinquished, dog owners were given 500g boxes of high quality, human tested Pure Pet Food that rehydrates to 2kg of fresh, nutritious meals.

A range of breeds eagerly lined up for a healthier new diet of real meat and vegetables, including small puppies, large older dogs and one local Instagram Dachshund called Ivy.

Unlike traditional kibble Pure isn’t exposed to the harsh cooking processes involved in producing kibble.

Pure contains no grains or nasty ingredients and is PETA approved, having been developed alongside nutritionists and vets in Yorkshire.

The company’s founders even demonstrated it was fit for human consumption on hit BBC show Dragon’s Den when peter Jones asked them to prove it by eating some.

A gentle process to remove the moisture from natural ingredients gives Pure Pet Food all the advantages of both wet and dry food – preventing bloating and reducing the risk of dehydration in dogs, whilst being super easy to store and boasting a 12-month shelf life.

Those who’ve made the switch also report their dogs’ digestion and weight improves, appetite and energy increases, and both skin and coat are visibly healthier.

Following the success of the first kibble amnesty, another similar event is set to be announced in the near future.

A spokesperson for Pure Pet Food said: “We’ve always wondered why anyone would feed their dog something they wouldn’t eat themselves. It’s been our life’s mission to make healthy food choices for pets easy and accessible and to spread the word about the benefits of wholesome, human-grade doggy diets.

“Highly processed, extruded kibble biscuits aren’t the healthiest option no matter what the ingredients are, but their widespread consumption is forgivable given their prevalence in supermarkets.

“So, to help dog owners see the light we decided to host a kibble amnesty, where low-quality pet food could be handed in without shame or judgement. In return and free of charge, visitors were given an equivalent amount of Pure Pet Food meals for their dour-legged friends. We’ve witnessed first-hand the incredible success pets have had from making the switch, which is why we opened our doors and provided the opportunity to forsake poor diets.

“Dogs can be among the toughest food critics in the world, but the look on the queuing dogs’ faces suggested that they couldn’t wait to finally get their paws on some proper canine cuisine.”