Kitten survivor overcomes dog bite

A young kitten has undergone an amazing transformation in RSPCA care after being bitten by a dog.

The kitten named Boudicca by staff after a warrior queen, was taken to RSPCA Putney Animal Hospital in March after she was sadly bitten by a dog in her previous home.

As she was so little, she suffered severe injuries and staff at the hospital were not sure she would recover. However, thankfully after three weeks in the care of the Hospital, little Boudi has undergone an amazing transformation.

Joanne Elmes, RSPCA Putney hospital administrator, said: “Poor Boudi was close to death and in a bad way when she came into the care of the hospital. She had fractures in her bottom jaw and her cheekbone as well as a bleeding eye.

“She was placed in an intensive care unit cage to recover. Pretty much all of her head, face and neck were affected so she must have been in a lot of pain. After a lot of care, she finally pulled through and thankfully isn’t showing any signs of long-term damage. It truly is amazing. She is such a special little survivor.”

Four-month old kitten Boudi will not be ready for a new home just yet. She still has a wire in her jaw to ensure it heals properly which in time will be removed.

Joanne added: “We were so worried she wouldn’t pull through but then all of a sudden she started to get better and she was determined to run around the ward and just be a normal kitten.”

Boudicca has now been taken to the RSPCA Southall Cattery in Hounslow where her treatment will continue before she is ready to be rehomed.