Learn how to live happily and safely with four-legged friends this Easter

Dogs Trust is offering free workshops in South Wales this Easter to help families understand dogs and learn how to live happily and safely alongside them.

The charity, which finds new homes for thousands of dogs every year, is offering the ‘How to stay safe this Easter’ workshops to children aged seven and over.

The 90-minute workshops will be held at Dogs Trust Rehoming Centres in Bridgend and Cardiff and must be booked in advance as places are limited.

Dogs Trust Education Officer, Claire Kendrick, says: “As we spend more time with our four-legged friends during the holiday period, Easter is a perfect opportunity to learn safe and kind ways to show dogs that we love and care about them.

“Using games and lots of activities, we explore everything from what dogs need to feel safe and comfortable, to how we can understand their body language and what influences how a dog feels and therefore behaves.

“Even if we don’t have a dog, we will inevitably come across them when we are out and about, so understanding as much as possible about them gives us the best chance of living happily and safely alongside them.”

The workshops will take place at Dogs Trust Cardiff on Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 20th April from 2-3.30pm and Dogs Trust Bridgend on Monday 11th April at 11am and 1pm. No dogs will be present at the workshops and children must be accompanied by an adult.

To find out more and to book a place please contact Helen Peake or Claire Kendrick on helen.peake@dogstrust.org.uk or claire.kendrick@dogstrust.org.uk