Little dogs – not lap dogs looking for a home

Dogs Trust Newbury is playing host to three pint-sized pooches who are being overlooked by potential new families because they aren’t typical lap dogs.

Five-year-old Jack Russell Terrier Rocky

Jack Russell Terriers, Olly, age seven and Rocky aged five, and Reggie, a two-year-old Crossbreed might be small, but they have big personalities and what they lack in size, they more than make up for in character.

Staff say all three would make a fantastic addition to an experienced adult-only family, but they are still searching for their forever homes as adopters tend to favour the small dogs who enjoy cuddling up on your lap.

All three dogs are super clever and enjoy learning new things in return for tasty treats, which will prove useful to adult only families who enjoy the training element of owning a dog.

Nicki Barrow, Rehoming Centre Manager for Dogs Trust Newbury, said: “It’s safe to say these are not typical lap dogs and sadly they are often passed up in favour of their other kennel friends who’d be happy with a snuggle on the sofa. Olly, Rocky and Reggie love being out and about, learning new things and prefer a hands-off approach, but we’re confident there’s someone out there for each of them.

“We’d need patient owners who will enjoy the commitment of owning a dog, who once they knew you, will give you lots of love. All three pooches build strong bonds, they just need a little bit of time and patience, with plenty of tasty treats thrown in and they soon learn to trust.”

All three dogs are looking for an adult-only home, pet free home. They take their time getting to know people, so new owners would need to visit a number of times to get to know them.

If you think you can give one of these trio a forever home or would like to find out more about the residents of Dogs Trust Newbury, please call 0300 303 0292.