Lonely lovebird seeks special soulmate

A lonely lovebird who was found lost flying around a park is looking for a soulmate to pair up with.

Iris came into the care of RSPCA Martlesham Animal Centre in Suffolk after she* was found flying around Chantry Park, in Ipswich, on 20 August.

Acting centre manager Donna Rich said: “Iris was flying around the park on her own and was clearly lost. A member of the public actually managed to catch her and take her to a local vet who contacted us and asked for help. We were able to take her in but, sadly, no one came forward to claim her and she’s been all alone ever since.

“No lovebird should be lonely but poor Iris is flying solo and we’d love to find her the perfect soulmate to spend her days with. Iris is single and ready to mingle, so we’re on the lookout for a new home with one lovebird who is looking to pair up with her.”

Naturally lovebirds live in small flocks and form monogamous relationships within the group. Paired birds spend long periods of time sitting together but poor Iris is all alone.

Iris can’t live with other species of birds so is particularly looking for a lovebird-experienced home. Staff would like to find her owners with a large aviary with plenty of space and lots of enrichment.

“She is a beautiful girl and we really want to see her happy and find her a friend for company,” Donna added. “We don’t want her to travel too far from the centre to her new home as travelling can be quite stressful for these birds so ideally we’d like to find her a local home.

“Lovebirds are cheeky and playful birds who need lots of enrichment and things to do, and they love to destroy things like cardboard tubes, boxes and toys. Iris is very curious and active, and has a wonderful singing voice so is sure to serenade you with beautiful songs. She’d love a pal to harmonise with!”

Contact the team at Martlesham Animal Centre – run by the RSPCA Suffolk East & Ipswich branch – or head to Iris’s online profile to find out more.