Long-term leggy lodger looking for home after 100 days in kennels

Dogs Trust Ilfracombe is appealing to dog lovers to consider adopting AJ the Greyhound who has been waiting for a new home since January.

The two-year leggy lovely has seen more than 50 of his furry friends trot off to their new homes since he arrived but he is yet to zoom off to him.

The rehoming centre say there can be misconceptions about Greyhounds which they are keen to dispel in the hope that someone will consider adopting AJ or one of the many Greyhounds they welcome through their doors each year.

Elise Watson, Dogs Trust Ilfracombe’s Rehoming Centre Manager said: “Sadly, many Greyhounds end up in rescue centres like ours waiting for a loving home to spend the rest of their lives in. Because of how fast they are, people often assume they are dogs that need lots of exercise but that’s not the case. They are definitely strong and fast, but they are surprisingly lazy and after an energetic burst they like nothing more than cosying up on a big bed in a warm home.

“Some often also need to wear a muzzle when out for walks because they can get overly excited around small animals. However, we often find that once we have a chance to talk through this with potential owners, it can make them keep an open mind about having a Greyhound in their life.”

AJ is instantly friendly with new people but doesn’t seek out too much interaction from other dogs. He’s happy to have walking friends but would prefer to be the only dog in an adult home so he can develop a strong bond with his new owners.

He’s a sensitive boy so is looking for understanding adopters with plenty of patience who will help him when he is overwhelmed and give him the time to settle into a new routine of home-life. AJ will need to meet his new family several times before going into his new home.

Dogs Trust Ilfracombe is currently closed to the public but is still rehoming and taking in dogs, with new processes in place to keep staff and adopters safe.

If you think you can offer AJ or any dogs at Dogs Trust Ilfracombe a new home, you can contact the team on 01271 812 709.