Long-term Dogs Trust lodger turns superstar

Staff at Dogs Trust Evesham are super proud to see one of their long-term residents graduate from dog training classes.

Eight-year old Crossbreed Dan has been in the care of Dogs Trust Evesham since January and has been working with the expert training team to help him cope in different situations such as busy environments, new people and being around other dogs.

After developing in confidence his canine carers felt he was ready to take the next step forward and start training classes with Dogs Trust Dog School, which are help at the rehoming centre. 

During the six-week course with Dog School Worcestershire, Dan was able to continue with his basic training, as well as put into practice what he’d already been learning but in a busier environment with other dogs and other people.

Proving you can teach an old dog new tricks, Dan graduated with first class hours, proving that he’s ready to land his paws in forever home.

Katherine Ferguson, Head coach at Dog School Worcestershire, said: “Having Dan in our classes was wonderful and it was great to see how far he’d come during his one-to-one training with his carers. He quickly learnt some really important skills such as walking on a loose lead and coming back when called, all of which was done in a busy environment with lots of distractions, something Dan would’ve previously struggled with.

“To see him cope with that really well in class is testament to the hard work his canine carers have put in and shows the difference our classes make when it comes to equipping dogs with skills to help them in their new homes.

“He seemed to particularly enjoy the trick training element of classes and he perfected his play bow in a few short sessions. It was such a pleasure to see him having positive time out of his kennel and we were delighted to be part of it, It was a very proud moment for us all when we presented Dan with his graduated certificate.”

Staff at Dogs Trust Evesham say that Dan is looking for an adult only home with no visiting children or other pets.

He is super clever and loves food and toys, which are both excellent training aids. Dan is always up for playtime and is convinced that he’s a lap dog despite being on the large side.

He would like a home that can offer him ongoing support with his training and provide him with walks away from the hustle and bustle whilst he settles in.

Dan is in a quieter area of the centre, so if you think you could be a match for him, you can contact the rehoming centre on 01386 572666 or email hi Canine Carer Georgia Hemming on eveshamrehoming@dogstrust.org.uk before visiting.

If you would like to attend a training class with Dogs Trust School Worcestershire you can visit www.dogstrustdogschool.org.uk/dog-school/worcestershire for more information.