Lucky cat saved by Mayhew after he swallowed a needle and thread

A lucky cat was saved by London-based animal welfare charity, Mayhew after he swallowed a needle and thread.

When three-year old Kali was taken into Mayhew last month, the animal welfare officers immediately noticed the right hand side of his face was swollen.

The team suspected an infected cat bite was the cause, but we’re shocked at what was found when they investigated further.

Not only was Kali suffering from an abscess, but he also had a needle and thread wrapped in a wad of fur stuck in the back of his throat.

Luckily, Mayhew’s vets were able to extract the object quickly and easily before it caused further damage. They also cleaned Kali’s abscess and removed some necrotic tissue and gave him some pain relief.

A spokesperson for Mayhew said: “Despite his injuries and recent life on the streets, Kali was calm and friendly with our cattery staff and allowed us to stroke him as we tended his wounds. He would happily sit on people’s laps and seemed relaxed in human company, if a bit quiet, which we expected given the extent of his injuries.

“Over the next week, Kali’s abscess began to heal – we gently bathed it twice per day and monitored his food intake to check that his injuries were not preventing him from eating or drinking. Miraculously, the needle and thread did not appear to have done any permanent damage.”

Kali is incredibly lucky that Mayhew found him, given the risks associated with swallowing a foreign object – especially something as small and sharp as a needle and thread.

Kali is not quite ready for rehoming yet, but as he recovers the team at Mayhew hope to get him neutered, vaccinated and prepared for adoption later this summer.

To make a donation to Mayhew and check their adoption pages to find out when Kali becomes available you can visit