Lucky & Prince introduce new treats range

After a successful year with their ‘Raw to go’ premium eco-friendly sausage range, Lucky & Prince have launched snacks to complement their range.

They are introducing premium Lamb Royale treat range to start with and will expand with snacks to each sausage flavour in due course.

The snacks are produced using the same ethos as their eco-friendly sausage range, which include:

  • 100% natural ingredients in food-grade quality
  • No antioxidants, sugar and chemical binders
  • No fillers
  • Without pre-treated raw materials. No industrial or feed grains
  • 80% single protein based

The contain only the freshest meat sourced from local farms, no freezing or long-term storage and are ecologically packaged in a specially developed 7-layer synthetic casing.

A spokesperson for Lucky & Prince said: “Lucky & Prince premium training treats differ from other treats because they are additive free and produced from pure lean meat and other good-for-you ingredients, just like our sausages.

“The manufacturing process combines air and freeze-dried ingredients in a new process that retains the vital nutrients in the source ingredients. We never use any flavourings, colourings or preservatives. They are the perfect reward and motivation during training or to treat your furry companion.

“We have stepped up our delivery during Covid-19 to ensure you are covered by offering free and safe delivery to your door through the website or via Amazon.”

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