Mayhew launch their winter care package appeal

London-based animal rescue centre, Mayhew are hoping to raise £10,000 to deliver 100 emergency care packages for animals in need this winter.

For the vast majority of us, this will be a festive period like no other, as various Coronavirus restrictions remain and temperatures drop.

Due to this, many people will be forced to make incredibly difficult decisions, and Mayhew are looking to deliver 100 care packages to vulnerable owners and pets in need across London.

A spokesperson for Mayhew commented: “Our bespoke care packages will include essential items such as warm coats, light up collars, flea and worming treatments, toys and other enriching items for people’s beloved pets.

“In addition, we will also be providing the food these animals need to get through the winter, which has kindly been donated by Burns Pet Food. Your support will also help us fund crucial phone and in-person assistance from our Animal Welfare Officers (AWOs), who are a lifeline for owners and animals all year round.”

Back in April, thanks to the generosity of the general public, Mayhew raised over £10,000 towards their emergency coronavirus appeal. This enabled the charity to provide 150 care packages to owners struggling to cope with the first weeks of lockdown, and handle over 1000 calls with concerned service users across the city.

Mayhew’s spokesperson continues: “Traditionally, this is a time when we receive physical items such as toys, coats and blankets from our supporters, to pass on to those in need. Sadly, we can’t accept any gifts from the public this year due to the continuing coronavirus restrictions, so your support means that the cats and dogs or owners who may be struggling are not forgotten this Christmas.

“We are here to ensure that beloved pets are properly cared for through these challenging times, and that worried owners have peace of mind knowing that we are there for them.”

How can your donation help?

  • Just £5 could allow us to provide food to a feral cat colony in London, helping them to survive the winter months when food is scarce.
  • £10 could enable us to microchip an elderly person’s cat whilst their owner is unable to leave the house.
  • A donation of £15 could buy a coat for an owned dog experiencing homelessness.
  • £25 could contribute towards the cost of flea and worming treatment for a vulnerable dog or cat.

You can donate to Mayhew by visiting their website here: