Mayhew unveils brand new kennels to special guests

London-based animal welfare charity unveils their brand-new kennel block to special guests including Lesley Nicol, Bill Oddie and Marc Abraham.

Back in April this year, Animal Welfare Charity, Mayhew began a mammoth task of replacing and improving their main kennel block, intake room and animal welfare team working area.

Sue and Lesley entering the new kennels

Mayhew revealed their new kennels at a gathering of special guests last week, including Sue Jameson, Beatie Edney, Marc Abraham and Bill Oddie came along to hear about the renovation project in more details, before taking a tour of the completed kennel block.

At the event, major donors and funders, VIPs, Mayhew supporters and the media also got to meet two rescue dogs and their owners, who have previously benefited from their shelter care programme and community support initiatives.

Mayhew CEO Caroline Yates welcomed guests in the garden area, before handing over to Head of Animal Welfare Zoe Edwards, who spoke briefly about the uniquely tailored new kennels she helped to design.

Guests also heard from Elayne, a member of the local community whose dog Kilo is a familiar face at Mayhew’s Pet Refuge scheme, before they were each taken for a guided tour of the new kennel block.

The event concluded with guests meeting Diesel, an ex-Mayhew dog who – thanks to the dedication and care of their kennels team – was successfully rehabilitated following a traumatic experience, and now lives a happy life with his new owners just down the road.

Lesly Nicol, star of Downton Abbey, said: “The skill and the love and the talent here at Mayhew is absolutely amazing. The new kennels are brilliant and will be so much less stressful for the animals. Mayhew are doing incredible work.”

Sue Jameson, who has adopted four dogs from Mayhew, agreed and said: “The unique way in which every animal is looked after at Mayhew is amazing. I love that they help people in difficult situations. The new kennels are gorgeous – there is lots of natural light and space, and the dogs are really catered for. There is everything they could possibly need.”

A spokesperson for Mayhew said: “Our new refurbished kennels provide a safer and more fit for purpose environment for our animals and staff, and will significantly improve the experience of dogs in our care – as well as improving the working conditions for Mayhew team members, students, volunteers and guests on site.

“Our previous kennels were over 20 years old, and due for an upgrade. Animal welfare knowledge has advanced dramatically during the past few years, and our new space will allow us to provide improved enrichment activities and techniques that will minimise the stress of being in a shelter environment.”

The animal welfare charity has not expanded the number of kennels because their primary aim is still to reduce the number of animals needing to be rehomed, which we do through proactive community initiatives and preventative care.

However, the new structure offers plentiful benefits including:

  • A more natural light in each individual kennel
  • A mix of frosted and clear glass, so that dogs are able to see staff and visitors properly but be shielded from each other
  • Radio and TV facilities to mimic a home environment as much as possible
  • New drains, improved insulation, new aircon units and new flooring
  • Toys and a number of sensory enrichments including essential oil diffusers.

Each animal will also now have more personal space, and our staff, students and volunteers will also benefit from an upgraded intake room, kitchen, storage and office facilities – making it easier and safer for them to admit and access the animals in their care.

Mayhew’s spokesperson added: “We would like to extend a special thank you to the estate of Brian Sewell, the George Michael Lovelies and a further anonymous donor, for so generously funding the majority of refurbishments. We couldn’t have undertaken such a huge project without them.

“Our gratitude and appreciation also extend to every single member of staff and volunteer at Mayhew, for being so flexible and accommodating whilst the renovation work was taking place, and to all our honoured guests who showed their support at our launch event

“We’d also like to thank our neighbours, Travis Perkins in Kensal Green, for their kind donation of flooring.”