Microchip helps Blue Cross reunite owner with missing ferret

A ferret is back home after she was found straying and reunited with her owner thanks to her microchip.

Olga was found in a garden in Colliers Wood and taken into pet charity Blue Cross’s animal hospital in Merton.

Staff feared they would be unable to find Olga’s owners because although she was chipped, the microchip had not been registered with the database.

The team managed to track the owner down by contacting the vets allocated to the chip with the help of the chip company and the pair were reunited within hours of her going missing.

Owner Juliano said: “I was really frightened when I realised she was missing. We all love her and my youngest son especially would have been really distressed if anything had happened to her. I can’t thank Blue Cross enough for their help to get her back home so quickly. Luckily she’s fine after her little adventure and has settled back in with her partner Fred without any problem.”

Elise Smith, Deputy Nurse manager at Blue Cross in Merton, said: “Olga was a lovely friendly girl so it was clear she was well loved and we knew someone must be looking for her. We’re so happy we could reunite her with her owner and so quickly. It’s so important to make sure your pets are microchipped and to keep your contact details up to date to make it easier for you to be reunited with your pet should they go missing or sadly even stolen.”