Misty searches for love during lockdown

A shy but playful pooch is desperately hoping that she’ll find her paw-fect home during lockdown after having zero applications or enquiries.

Five-year old American bulldog cross Misty is described as ‘special’ by the staff at RSPCA Chesterfield and North Derbyshire Branch who cannot understand why this sweet girl hasn’t had a single enquiry.

Misty, who arrived at the centre with her best friend Rocco, has seen dozens of dogs go off to their forever homes but is still left waiting to find her paw-fect match.

With Rocco reserved and the staff trying to keep up with the huge number of adoption applications they’re receiving during lockdown, they’re desperate to find Misty a loving new home.

Step McCawley, from Chesterfield Animal Centre said: “Misty is delightful. She has boundless enthusiasm for life, a gentle but friendly nature, and loves to explore and play. But she has had no applications or enquiries, not a single email or message on Facebook to find out more about her. We just can’t understand it.”

The problem could be Misty’s age or colouring as figures released by the RSPCA last year showed that while brindle dogs are only the fifth most commonly seen colour in the charity’s kennels, they take much longer to be rehomed that any other colour.

It takes on average, 56 days to rehome a brindle dog in comparison to all other colours, which take an average of 41 days to rehome.

The charity – which rescues more than 8,000 dogs each year – also revealed that older dogs take longer to rehome with those aged between three and seven, like Misty, spending an average of 48 days waiting for a new home in comparison to just 15 days for puppies or 29 days for those aged under a year and 41 days for those aged between one and three.

Steph added: “She can be shy and sensitive but is extremely affectionate with those she knows and trusts. She can be unsure in new situations and occasionally barks at strangers so is looking for an owner who can give her time to settle and take new experiences slowly.

“She loves to play with her doggy friends, chasing and rolling around in the grass. And she loves a game of tug of enjoys exploring our on a walk.”

Staff would like to find Misty a home with older children and, despite her love for her pal Rocco, she can be nervous around other dogs, so she’d like to be the only pet.

She’s looking for an active home with owners who can slowly introduce her to new experience and socialise her gradually with other dogs. She’s a bright spark and already knows basic commands and is happy being left alone for short periods of time.

To find out more about Misty, you can visit her online profile or contact Chesterfield Animal Centre on 01246 273358.