National Dog Day: the Nation’s cutest pooches, as submitted by you

To celebrate National Dog Day on the 26th August, Safestyle UK has launched a nationwide #DoginWindow photo competition asking dog owners to share their best snaps to find the UK’s cutest pooch.

Life in lockdown has resulted in many dog owners spending more time than ever at home with their furry friends, and findings from Safestyle’s new study reveals that 86% of people actually feel like this quality time has allowed them to build a stronger bond/connection with their dogs.

After receiving hundreds of brilliant submissions from proud pooch parents all over the UK already, we’ve cherry-picked some of our favourite entries so far:

Meet the top doggies in windows:

Reggie from Grimsby (below)

Reggie’s owner, Laura, explains: “Meet 12-month-old Reggie, also known as Dobby for his cute ears and love of socks. He loves people-watching whilst holding onto his favourite pair of socks and catching some sun!”














Stan, Rosie and Maddie from Lichfield

Stan, Rosie and Maddie’s owner, Helen, captioned this photo: “Squirrel patrol!”














Buddy from Solihull

Buddy’s owner, Gemma, explains: “Buddy always waits in the window for us if we go out. He sits there until we return, then will finally relax in his own bed. He’s epileptic and a bit of a nervous boy, but very loving”














Blossie from Manchester

Blossie’s owner, Wayne, comments: “Here is our Westie, Blossie, sat on our window on the lookout for cats!”











Nala from Durham

Nala’s owner, Laura, explains: “Nala is a rescue Doberman from the RSPCA. She loves to people watch out the window!”

















Kynda from Bolton

Kynda’s owner, Gina, comments: “This is Kynda watching me trim the conifer tree in the front garden.”














Peanut from Bradford

Peanut’s owner, Kirstie, comments: ‘This peanut trying to look out the window when I got home”














Ted from Newcastle

Ted’s owner, Rachel, comments: ‘Ted – must be on guard (but also make sure you get my best side profile)













Pancake from Folkestone

Pancake’s owner, Layla, captioned this with: “Our dog Pancake looking at 2020 like…”










Peggy from Mirfield

Peggy’s owner, Rebecca, comments: “Peggy hard at work on the day job as the site security manager for the home, poised to make a loud noise if anyone dares to pass by”.














Oscar and Kayo from Blackpool

Oscar and Kayo’s owner, Lauren, comments saying: “They always like to watch the Blackpool Tower from our window and also love making the window dirty!”














Patsy from Congleton

Patsy’s owner, Verity, captioned this: “My beautiful Patsy is too busy looking out for Daddy and ignoring the freshly cooked fillet steak!”














Following this precious time people have spent with their dogs, findings from Safestyle’s latest study also reveals that owners are keen to make some more permanent changes moving forwards; 43% of people have said they’re going to make a conscious effort to spend more time with their dog, and 29% are planning to organise more activities that will allow them to bring their dog with them. A fifth of people also said that they plan to donate more to animal/dog charities.

If you’re feeling inspired and fancy the chance of winning a £500 Love2shop voucher for you and your pooch, there is still time to enter – the deadline for entries is 31st August 2020!

Head over to the Safestyle competition page, enter your details and submit a photograph of your beloved furry friend in your window, along with a short caption describing what your dog is up to in the shot. The winner will be announced within 14 days of the closing date.

To help support National Dog Day and spread awareness of dogs in need, Safestyle will also be donating £2,500 to Dogs Trust to show their appreciation for the important work they do for the welfare of dogs.