Natural pet food company sees huge growth in lockdown

Pure Pet Food, a Yorkshire-based, natural pet food subscription company, has seen record sales in the past few months.

The company has seen a massive growth across the board, with over 100% increase in new customers and a 44% increase in returning customer sales.

To keep up with the increase in demand, the business has taken on a new 14,000sq.ft. manufacturing facility at chain bar, Cleckheaton.

The rise in pet ownership and the increased demand for contactless home delivery has certainly helped, but the team believe the increase in awareness around health and fitness in lockdown has also transferred to our pets.

A lot of new customers have come through referrals, either from friends, vets or sources like Trustpilot. Pure believe that many people are using the internet to research their pet’s health or any specific issues and are finding and acting on positive reviews.

Accolades for their high nutritional rating on well-respected websites such as ‘All About Dog Food’ are also encouraging customers to sign up.

Mathew Cockroft, co-founder of Pure said: “As we invest in our own health and wellbeing, it makes sense that we would also invest in our pet’s health too, after all, they’re a member of our family. Finding ways to stay fit and healthy over the last few months has been challenging for all of us and ensuring we and our pets eat well has become very important. We’re trying to not only provide a healthy pet food option, but also to educate owners on how they can take care of their pet’s health.”

Pure Pet Food doesn’t use harmful processing methods or how-quality ingredients, their 100% natural, human-grade pet food has thousands of success stories from owners who have seen the benefits of taking care of their pet’s health sooner rather than later.

Pure’s mission is to educate owners on the benefits of proactively investing in your pet’s health as this, in turn can lead to a reduction in vet bills, longer life expectancy and most importantly happier pets.