Natures Menu expands and refreshes Natural Raw Nuggets Range

Natures Menu has refreshed its existing Fruit and Vegetables Raw Nuggets line with the addition of Natural Raw Nuggets Veggie Boost.

As part of the Natures Menu Home Prepare range, the Veggie Boost Nuggets are made from a wholesome blend of 15 fruits and vegetables including butternut squash, red cabbage, apples and pears.

Sitting alongside the existing Fruit and Vegetable line, the latest variant of nuggets form part of a wide-ranging menu of raw ingredients for those looking to feed a mixed raw diet at home and aims to offer and alternative to owners looking to add a little variety in their dog’s meals.

Available in 1Kg packs and combining real passion and expertise with real ingredients, the nuggets are a perfect accompaniment to the rest of the Natures Menu Home Prepare Range, which includes raw chunks, treats and free flow minces, all providing a convenient way to make a raw meal.

As well as a new variant offering, Natures Menu has also created new-look packaging for the range with feeding advice and storage instructions.

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