Nestlé’s Pets at Work (PaW) scheme comes to their offices in York

Nestlé has launched Pets at Work (PaW) scheme at its offices in York where colleagues can now bring their dogs to work.

Nestlé, the world’s biggest food and drink producers and one of York’s largest employers has seen the scheme successfully launched in five other offices in the UK & Ireland.

Their main offices in Gatwick and Dublin have been successfully part of the scheme since 2015.

Paul Steadman, Nestlé UK & Ireland, HR Director, said: “At Nestlé we believe with a passion that people and pets are better together. Our research and experience tells us that pets at work boost employee morale, encourages more physical activity and helps us create a stimulating environment where our people are happy, have fun and can perform at their best. Having pets in the office in inspirational.

“I’m delighted to welcome the first dogs into our York offices today, and I’m looking forward to meeting many more four-legged friends in the coming days and weeks.”

Beth Pettinger, from Nestlé’s Sales Team was the first person to cross the threshold with her dog Indie, a 4-year-old Spaniel.

Beth said: “I’m so happy to bring Indie to work, Pets at Work is going to be great for both of us. Before I had to depend on my parents or my dog walker to give me peace of mind while I was at work, now with indie by my side it will be much easier.

“When I’ve been in the other Nestlé offices with PaW I’ve noticed dogs have a calming effect, they are great ice-breakers for meeting new people, and they make sure you take a break from your desk. We are already planning group walks in Clarence Gardens nearby during our lunch breaks so binging Indie to work is going to be great for my mental and physical health.”

The PaW scheme in York will only be open to Nestlé based people in Nestle House, strict decontamination procedures between the factory area and offices already exist.

If your workplace is interested in becoming a pet friendly space, Purina, Nestlé’s pet food arm, has created a toolkit and has dedicated support available to help any company interested in becoming dog friendly. Further information can be found at