New Applaws Taste Toppers: On a tail-wagging mission to ‘Add More Happy’

Applaws Natural Pet Food is thrilled to announce the global product launch of Applaws Taste Toppers.

The 100% natural complimentary pet food is designed to simply be served on top of dry dog food and make mealtimes more interesting for dogs and their owners.

Ask any dog owners and they’ll tell you that a dog is more than just a pet – they’re part of the family. A best friend, a running buddy or a warm welcome home when you walk through the front door.

And now more than ever, we could all ‘Add More Happy’ to our daily routines.

Applaws Taste Toppers recipes are 100% natural with no additive, and high-quality ingredients. To liven up dry dog food, the toppers offer different tastes and textures including: Apple, Courgette, Pumpkin, White Bean, lentil and Sweet Potato.

Julian Bambridge, CEO of MPM said: “Good nutrition starts with great ingredients and there’s nothing but the very best in Applaws Taste Toppers. The new range will not only help dog owners make mealtimes more interesting for their four-legged friends, but Applaws Taste Toppers is truly on a mission to ‘Add More Happy’ – giving dogs the variety they cave.”

Applaws Taste Toppers couldn’t be easier to serve, you simply:

  • Tip it: Add an Applaws Taste Topper to a bowl of good quality dry food
  • Stir it: Mix in the natural ingredients, real meat protein and superfoods – that’s what makes Applaws Taste Toppers taste so good.
  • Mix it: Applaws Taste Toppers come in a variety of textures and mix of moisture levels so your dog will always come racing to their bowls.

Julian added: “We know how valued pets are in our families today – even considered ‘substitute children’ by many of the 24 million millennial pet owners across the country. Dry food can be boring, and we would never eat the same meal, day-after-day. So it’s time to ‘Add More Happy’, exciting variety and all-natural quality to our dogs’ mealtime with Applaws Taste Toppers.”

Applaws Taste Toppers are available in a selection of tasty textures including: Bone Broths, Broths, Fillets, Jellies, Stews and Gravies. They are available at Pets at Home with prices starting from £1.29.