New competition crowns the UK’s best wet dog!

From rolling around in puddles to playtime at the beach, our furry friends certainly love to get their fur wet when out and about.

But which wet dog takes the crown as the cutest? A new and un-fur-gettable competition by dog-friendly holiday specialist Canine Cottages reveals once and for all the best wet dogs!

The competition received over 500 entries of owners showing off the best pics of their furry friends, and out of all the entries, Canine Cottages (somehow managed to) choose the top eight cutest wet pups. The top entries were then put a vote on social media to let the public decide on the wet dog most deserving of first place. The competition was extremely paw-pular, with over 7,000 votes and a reach of over 200,000 people on social media!

The winning pooch, seven-year-old Arthur, was not only celebrated as the UK’s cutest wet canine but he also won £140 worth of Earth Animal No-Hide chews. What a lucky boy!

If you’re having a ruff day, all of the entries are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Here are the pup-tastic submissions that made the final eight:

1 – Arthur, seven, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel







It’s official, seven-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Arthur is the cutest wet pooch! In this picture, Arthur is shaking himself off after having lots of fun in the river. His dedication to dry himself off is both iconic and heart-warming. Arthur is a well deserving winner, what a good boy!

Kelly, Arthur’s human expressed her excitement about Arthur’s award, “we couldn’t be happier that Arthur has won the UK’s cutest wet dog competition! He’s been water obsessed since he was six-months-old and has been seeking out any opportunity to get soggy ever since.”

2 – Jasper, one, Cavapoo







What a paw-fect picture! In close second, this post-bath time picture is enough to make anybody say ‘aww’. Posing after a clean in the bathtub, Jasper looks as innocent as ever whilst showing off his long Cavapoo tongue. Talk about puppy dog eyes!

3 – Skye, six months, Working Cocker Spaniel









How cute?! Covered in mud and placing third in the competition is Working Cocker Spaniel, Skye. It looks like Skye had a lot of fun out on her walkies and she did not hold back! There’s no doubt Skye will have needed a long scrub after this one.

4 – Bonnie, three, Border Collie x Golden Retriever








Making Devon proud is three-year-old golden retriever-collie cross, Bonnie! Despite her being head to toe covered in mud, Bonnie’s smile is beaming and the energy behind her eyes is infectious. We won’t fur-get this picture any time soon.

5 – Ruby, eight months, Cocker Spaniel








Dog or model?! It’s hard to tell with this fetching picture of Cocker Spaniel, Ruby. At only eight months old, Ruby’s beach waves are so cute – there’s no surprise she landed a place in the top five.

6 – Peggy, 6, Miniature Long Dachshund








Adorable Dachshund alert! six-year-old Peggy from Suffolk looks adorable in this mid bath-time shot. She may be small in size, but this photo will definitely take a big place in our hearts.

7 – Peggy, one, Schnocker and Maggie, four, Cockapoo
@collinsc87 / @andpeggy_schnocker








Check out this doggy duo. Having fun splashing around at the beach, it’s clear that both Peggy and Maggie are big fans of the water. This action shot makes you feel like you’re there playing with these gorgeous pooches… if only!

8 – Rory, three, Shih Tzu Cross









Last but definitely not least is three-year-old Shih Tzu Rory. Soaked right through, Rory looks to be embracing his bath-time although he doesn’t look too pleased about the pup-arazzi taking his photo!

Commenting on the competition, Shannon Keary, Digital PR Manager at Canine Cottages, says: “It’s amazing to see how many people got involved with this competition. All the submissions were extremely cute, and it was so difficult to form a shortlist! It’s great to see dogs having fun both indoors and outdoors and the eight finalists are all worthy winners in their own right. Congratulations to Arthur and his owners on winning first place!”

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