New dog wellbeing drink launched to celebrate Pet Hydration Month

A new dog wellbeing drink has been launched ahead of July’s Pet Hydration Month, to offer dog owners a healthy way to keep their pooches hydrated this summer.

Pet Hydration Month is marked each July to raise awareness of the importance of keeping pets hydrated and to remind owners to always ensure they have access to fresh drinking water.

Furr Boost offers a convenient, natural way to aid dog wellbeing and hydration and completely free of artificial preservatives, colourants and antioxidants.

The drink comes in three tasty flavours – beef, broccoli and blueberry, chicken, butternut squash and cranberry: and pork, sweet potato and apple. Each flavour is packed with natural superfoods, vitamins and added oils from salmon, flaxseed and coconut.

As well as providing a natural, junk-free complement to a dog’s daily water intake. Furr Boost can aid a range of concerns including anxiety, digestion, immunity, hydration, and can help to support a healthy metabolism and skin and coat.

Furr Boost can be served on its own as a tasty and hydrating treat or poured over food, and is ideal for dogs on dry, wet or dry combination diets. It can also be frozen on licking mats and used as a refreshing treat, perfect for the warmer months.

The wellbeing drink was created by Louise Toal for her dog, Phoebe, as she wanted to ensure she was giving her the very best products made using only natural ingredients.

Using her experience gained from 20 years working as a Technical Manager in food and safety and quality assurance in the drinks industry. Louise developed Furr Boost as a refreshing completement to water.

Louise commented: “We only want the very best for our pet and we will do everything we can to give them long and happy lives. That’s why I sent out to find only the best a most nutritional products for Phoebe and in the end developed one of my own.

“It was important to me to ensure that Furr Boost is made using only natural ingredients and that it is packed full of all the things dogs need to be healthy, happy and hydrated. Many dogs don’t drink enough water, so Furr Boost provides a way to hydrate them while supporting their general wellbeing, all while they enjoy a delicious treat.”

Furr Boost is available to buy online in multipacks which contain eight 200ml cartons of each flavour for £15.75.

Alternatively, new customers might like to try the introduction taster pack which includes one 200ml carton of each flavour for £5.99. All orders over £25 are delivered free of charge.

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