New GPS tracking device set to give pet owners peace of mind

Dog owners will be able to keep track of their four-legged companions with the help of a new GPS tracking device.

WatchOvers PetTrackie provides pet owners with a pet tracker device with real-time location updates that can be fully managed easily through the free PetTrackie app.

To help keep track of their pet, owners will receive location updates every 60 seconds, meaning no more worrying about their dog’s whereabouts during their evening walk.

Additional features of the pet tracking system include geo-fencing with alert messages for when adventurous pets go outside the virtual fenced areas, as well as location history, which enables owners to track exactly where their pet has been.

The tracker is also 100% waterproof and comes with a unique innovative holder which is designed to fit easily to most collars.

Eamonn O’Connor, CEO of WatchOvers, said: “Anyone who owns a pet knows how much of a worry it can be when you lose them or even just taking them to a new location for a walk. The pet tracker works in unison with all Android and IOS smartphones and means that owners can see both their own and their pet’s location, enabling them to find the quickest route to them.”

The pet tracker comes with a pre-fitted advanced SIM Card that is not restricted to anyone network and uses the strongest network available, meaning signal can be obtained even in weak areas.

PetTrackie is a subscription service that offers low rates that can be pre-paid monthly with no contract. For more information visit