New pet adoption website puts rescue first

A new adoption website has launched to provide and easy way for people to adopt cat and dogs who are in need of a new ‘fur-ever home’.

The website, Animates, which launched in December 2020, aims to solve the problem of thousands of pets going homeless in the UK every year.

Every year, thousands of people make the decision to welcome a cat or dog to their family and – with lockdown leading to a greater demand than very over the last year.

However, the large majority of pet owners choose to purchase via breeders, dealers, and online sellers, meaning that many of the 250,000 animals that are handed in to shelters each year remain homeless.

Animates links potential new pet owners up to rescue centres across the UK to help make the process of adopting a cat or dog more straightforward.

The new platform also aims to change the damaging pattern or people buying pets via online sellers by making it easier to put rescue first.

The platform is free to sign-up to and works by hosting each rescue centre’s furry residents on the website. Perspective new pet owners can browse by species, breed and location before viewing each animal’s personal profile.

The website also offers useful information, from age and level of training to how active they are and whether they get on with cats (and vice versa).

Luke Fribbens, founder and CEO comments: “As passionate animal lovers, it’s heart breaking to see so many cats and dogs go homeless every year. And this year, with demand for pets higher than ever, we knew it was the right time to help make a permanent change in how we approach pet ownership.”

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