New puppy school welcome box is a RAWing success

Natures Menu teams up with Puppy School to offer new pet parents’ advice and tasty samples.

Over 200 puppies across the country have got off to a ‘paw’some start in life after receiving an exclusive ‘Puppy School Welcome Box’ from Natures Menu and Puppy School, for the very first time.

The ‘Puppy School Welcome’ Box is jam-packed full of advice, exciting money-off vouchers and tasty samples from Natures Menu and its new premium brand True Instinct.

The box is the result of the raw and natural pet food expert’s successful partnership with Puppy School. Offering all the information that new puppy parents need, each time someone signs up to Puppy School, they’ll get their paws on one.

The packs are set direct from Natures Menu state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Snetterton and they include a letter to welcome the pooches and their owners, the do’s and don’ts of raw feeding and limited money-off vouchers. The welcome packs also include lots of samples from the Natures Menu and True Instinct range.

Over 200 boxes have already been gratefully received with customers sharing positive feedback, with their puppies lapping up the goodies they have been sent.

The Puppy School Training programme is ideal for any new owners looking to teach their young pup all the obedience basics to give them a good foundation for life.

Pet parents can simply search for a training class near them and sign-up to the six-week block of classes with one of Puppy School’s 140 tutors to receive the ‘Puppy School Welcome Box’.

As well as receiving obedience training, owners can also expect to get advice on responsible raw feeding and how to give their pups the best diet as they grow into dog-hood.

Craig Taylor, Managing Director at Natures Menu, said: “We’re delighted to see that the first ever ‘Puppy School Welcome Box’ has gone down a storm with pet parents and their puppies. The box is proving to be extremely popular with more people than ever signing up to Puppy School in one week.

“We want to make sure that the newest addition to the family gets off to the best start in life and give owners a helping hand as it can be daunting getting a new pup. The new box is a result of a successful two-year partnership with Puppy School and we’re thrilled to be joining forces with the group once again and to be educating pet parents on getting their puppy off to a flying start.”

Gwen Bailey, Founder of Puppy School, said: “The new Puppy School Welcome Box has proved extremely popular and we are delighted to have a huge number of sign-ups in the first week of the scheme going live. There is no doubt that the box will act as an incentive with lots of people and puppies wanting to get their paws on the box.

“We’re thrilled to be working alongside Natures Menu and to be teaching hundreds of puppies across the county basic obedience skills, the importance of a healthy and balanced diet and ensuring that puppies get off to the best start in a naturally nutritious new home.”

To find out more about feeding your puppy the natural way, you can visit or ask your Puppy School tutor for more information.