New website PetsRadar introduces Pet Tech Week

New website introduces Pet Tech Week as a best friend to pet parents nurturing happy pets.

New website is introducing Pet Tech Week starting today (19-25 October 2020), delivering the first of many new initiatives that will bring together specialist advice and money-saving deals on cutting-edge products for nurturing happy pets.

Pet Tech Week in conjunction with and, two of the world’s leading consumer technology websites, will showcase the many ways in which pet technology can improve the lives of pets and owners alike and will comprise a week of content and advice around the themes of Home, Health & wellness, Food, Fun, Photography, Tracking, and Christmas Gifts for new and experienced pet owners.

The online experience will support pet owners with guidance, training tips, news, features, buying guides, updates on the latest top deal and inspiring case studies and reviews.

Visitors to during Pet Tech Week will find each day dedicated to core topics of pet technology:

Monday: Pet tech for the home – advice on the best kit for making your home a safe, secure and hygienic place for pets

Tuesday: Pet tech for health and wellness – Gadgets and kit to ensure pets are healthy, well-groomed and stress-free

Wednesday: Pet tech for food – The latest tech around feeding and nutrition including smart bowls, feeders and online food subscriptions

Thursday: Pet tech for tracking – Tech dedicated to making lost pets a thing of the past

Friday: Pet tech for fun – High tech toys for cats and dogs

Saturday: Pet photography – Advice and techniques for taking the perfect pet portrait or insta snap

Sunday: Pet tech gifts for Christmas – From the functional to the frivolous, ideas for spending cash on your pet this Christmas

Dave Harfield, editor of, says: “We are definitely a nation of pet lovers with more than half od us owning pets. But they are more than just animals, they’re part of the family. Spending time with our pets has many advantages – they can boost your mood and reduce stress and have surprising health benefits.

“Pet Tech Week is a great opportunity to show our readers how the emerging technology can have a positive impact on the lives of pets and owners alike. From monitoring health habits and nutritional intake to fun toys for play time. PetsRadar will demonstrate how technology can help owners ensure their pets are healthy and happy.”

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