Newborn puppies, now safe in RSPCA care after being abandoned in North Wales

Five tiny puppies, who each weighed about the same as an apple, are receiving round-the-clock care by RSPCA Cymru after being dumped in a cardboard box in the village of Pentre.

A member of the public found the box in a hedge at about 4pm on 3 September. Inside were five one-week-old puppies – with their eyes still closed – lying on two blankets. The three boys and two girls only weighed about 120 grams each.

The kind-hearted finder took them to Rhyd Broughton Vets in New Broughton where they were cared for by two nurses before being transferred to the RSPCA’s Bryn-y-Maen Animal Centre in Colwyn Bay a few days later. The puppies, who are thought to be terrier/Jack Russell-type dogs, are being bottle fed every three hours by centre staff and are making good progress; one has since opened her eyes.

It’s not known how long the puppies had been in the box, although flies were present and had started to lay eggs.

The RSPCA has appealed for information about the incident and say it yet again reinforces the need for people to get their dogs neutered to prevent unwanted litters.

Centre manager Victoria Williams, said: “Luckily the puppies were found before it was too late. We think they were only about a week old when they were abandoned and at that very young age they obviously wouldn’t have survived for any length of time on their own. Thankfully they are now all making good progress and being bottle fed by us every three hours, although we remain very concerned for the welfare of the mother dog as she will no doubt be really missing her babies. It’s just very sad that despite all the education by animal welfare charities there are still some people who are failing to neuter their pets, resulting in distressing incidents like this.”

Anyone who has any information about the puppies should contact the RSPCA’s appeals line in complete confidence on 0300 123 8018.

The puppies are still at a critical stage and the centre is unable to take any rehoming enquiries at present while they remain part of an ongoing investigation. If you are looking to rehome, Bryn-y-Maen currently has over 100 animals in its care – ranging from mice to American bulldogs – which are ready to be adopted now.

Staff are especially keen to find new homes for long-stay dogs Lassie and Pippin, who have been at the centre for nearly nine months. Both dogs were born and bred in a barn and had had little contact with the outside world. Centre staff have worked tirelessly with the duo to socialise and get them familiar with being around people.